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ICB, LLC designs and manufactures sustainable material handling equipment such as library carts and furniture dollies designed to replace similar equipment made from wood.  This equipment is used by movers, equipment rental companies and end users like Facility Managers, records managers and a host of other professionals worldwide.  ICB, LLC leads the industry in sustainable (green) products and certifications such as Cradle-to-Cradle.

In fact, with nearly 10,000 carts in use our annual positive environmental impact exceeds 4.9 million pounds of CO2 avoided!  And it grows every year.  More --->


In fact to see how significant an impact one Samson Cart can have on the environment --click here!

One of the measurements of our design philosophy is our recent passing of the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality emissions test and our certification by MBDC as a Gold level Cradle -To - Cradle product.

We at Samson Carts® are proud of our commitment as we strive to help change the industry to have less negative impact on the world around us, because the choices we make today will affect the world tomorrow.

We partner with companies that share our vision and commitment to environmental sustainability:

The U.S. EPA Green Partnership program

The U.S. Green Building Council

We are pleased to introduce the first Carbon Footprint Calculator for Commercial Moving!

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ICB, LLC - Samson Carts Becomes an EPA Green Power Partner

In our continued commitment to environmental concerns ICB, LLC - Samson Carts recently joined the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership by purchasing Green-e certificates for the energy we use.  We purchase green power in amounts that meet EPA’s requirements.  We are very proud of this milestone and the positive effects this will have on developing renewable,

sustainable energy.


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